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Vashi – Street Workout Session

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Gold’s Gym India conducted a Street Workout Session exclusively for its members to give them a different feel than the ususal. Benefits of Street workout are You don’t need equipment; maybe just a few bars in the park, your own body will be your weight. You can do it anytime and anywhere. You can be creative, you are not tied by basic exercises. You have complete freedom – train in the park, on the streets, in your home, anywhere, anytime and do it while hanging out with your friends. There are no rules. If You Know Them Tag Them. #GoldsGym #GoldsGymIndia #FitIndia #Fitness #Workout #DailyWorkout #Exercise #Motivation #Positive #Passion #Health #BodyBuilding #YouComeFirst #Body #Vashi #Thane #StreetWorkout

Vashi - Street Workout Session

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